We all know that in January we set the reset button. We wipe the slate clean and vow to workout and eat healthy everyday.  But with the cold temps, warm beds, and our favorite comfort food calling our names it is hard to get motivated!!!  There have been many days that I say F- it I am staying in bed but I push myself and make it to that spin, megaformer or barre class and I feel like a million bucks when I am done!

Here a few classes that I love to push through all those excuses holding you back and sweat out all those nasty toxins!!  Trust me, you will not only feel a pound or two lighter in your body but you’ll be pleasently surprised at your mental health improvements as well.  Disclaimer: I’ve tested all of these classes and believe in them.  So keep sweating in 2017 with my top picks in workout trends. I’m confident you will be obsessed with once you try!!! They are not easy…so do not get discouraged…as the saying goes…”no pain, no gain”

Barre + Cardio Fusion Classes

This is the traditional barre class amped up with some serious cardio!!  It takes the traditional ballet inspired class and adds a little cardio.  Think of a ballet dance with a little hip hop thrown in to get that heart pumping.  This class will help you lean out your muscles along with losing a few inches.  You can find them at Exhale Spas and Cardio Barre


Boxing studios have been around for awhile but now it is not just fighters training in the rings.  Boxing classes are now offered in gyms all over the country.  Boxing is a killer workout and will have you sweating like never before.   And with celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima showing off their boxing skills on social media it is sure to inspire women to give it a try.  I have been boxing with a trainer for about two months now and I have to say it is the most empowering workout.  My entire body is getting tighter and I feel so strong.  So who does not want to know how to kick some ass when needed???  Check out some of these studios:

Title Boxing locations throughout US

Rumble Boxing in NYC


The Megaformer aka Pilates on steriods

This class will make you wish you were dead!! It is the hardest workout I have EVER EVER done!!  Your legs will shake, your bum will burn and you will need assistance lifting yourself off the toilet the next morning (true story).  The classes are based on the Lagree method after Sebastien Lagree who created the Megaformer.


Soul Cycle

Now I know this is not new hot workout but I could not show some love for my beloved Soul Cycle.  Soul Cycle is what got back into fitness back in 2008 at the Bridgehampton location as known as “The Barn”  I will never forget my first class with Ayana Curtis with her great energy and music!!  They had me at the first ride.  For years people have asked me, “What makes it different from other spin classes?”  At first it was hard for me to explain and now I simply say, “Somehow in that dark, candlelit room, with loud music I become peaceful.