Winter Eye Care

Winter Eye Care

If you live in a climate that has “real winters” keeping your skin nice and moist is a must for us ladies over 50! BTW..we are just hitting our prime!!

Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask These babies are a game changer…..I use whenever I wake up and look like I have pulled an all nighter living it up but the reality is I was just up all night with night sweats 🙂
La Mer Eye Cream 
The gold standard in skin care does not disappoint with their eye cream. 
Tip:  I put all of my eye lids as well as under the eye and it works amazing…As I have gotten older my eyelids have started to show my age and this cream smoothes out all the fine lines
Patchology Eye Revive Eye Patches These powerful little things are the real deal.  Tip:  I keep in the freezer and right before bed I slap these magic little patches on…and another little tip:  Directions say keep on for 5 minutes or longer so I go for longer…overnight…Let’s just say….I wake up feeling like J Lo!
SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex
One of my favorite skin care brands for ladies over 50…


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