Lucinda Loya: Update Your Art

Lucinda Loya: Update Your Art

Usually there’s a reason you have piece of artwork in your house to begin with. It inspires you, it provides a memory, it’s sentimental…whatever the reason, art builds character into your home. It speaks of your personality, it breathes life into white walls, and it likely was framed once and never touched again…

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home is to reimagine your artwork. Remind yourself of why you own the piece and freshen up it’s interaction with the rest of your decor. Here are some easy suggestions on how to update your art (even if it’s decades old).

Designer Tips:

  1. Reframe it. Even a print can look stunning with a new white mat and sleek frame. Go a little extra wide on the mat for added effect.

  2. Lucite it. Get a plexiglass kit online and toss the frame. So. Modern.

  3. Paint the frame a crazy fun color. Try neon or a rich peacock blue.

  4. Move it. Hang an average-sized piece on a smaller wall to make it look bigger.

  5. Hang a classic piece in a deliberately strange way: try on the edge of a wall, or way down low near the floor.

  6. Keep groups together, hanging them over each other.


All photos and helpful hints from: www.lucindaloya.comĀ 


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