Tkees Miami

Tkees Miami Store

My oldest daughter and I were in Miami the weekend of February 21st and of course when you are in Miami you have to do a little shopping!  After checking out the University of Miami we headed for the Miami Design District. As we were walking around I saw a Tkees store and thought to myself…“I didn’t know Tkees had stores?!”  And they did not have stores until that day I walked in…I was told this was their first store and they had just opened our doors today! So naturally I had to buy something since I was their first customer!!  Good thing my daughter and I were in need of some new sandals for the summer. The store is beautiful and serene and the staff was lovely. Here are my buys which are also my faves. Next time you’re in Miami, definitely need to check them out!

Tkees Woven Slides


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