Spotlight on: BY Malene Birger and (Nude)

Spotlight on: BY Malene Birger and (Nude)

The TKC team was recently introduced to the By Malene Birger and (Nude) brands through celeb stylist Sara Pollan DiMedio. And we have to tell you: they’re a must-see!

By Malene Birger

By Malene Birger was founded in 2003 by Malene Birger herself and the IC Group. Her styles are clean, colorful and have just the right variety of basics to statement pieces. From her site: “By Malene Birger has always celebrated powerful women. Women who are confident and sophisticated, but also have a playful streak – she just loves to express her mood and how she feels in the moment. We believe that being strong and self-determined, doesn’t mean you have to park your femininity at the door—it’s all about having the confidence to express yourself.”

By Malene Birger is available to shop through Net-A-Porter, Farfetch and ShopBop to name a few. Her fall collection has just hit stores so you should definitely check it out for yourself!


Founded and produced in Italy, Luana Rivi and Marinella Sighinolfi founded (Nude) Knitwear with the goal to provide the most comfortable and luxe knitwear. Their website describes it as, “A perfect balance of sensual, sophisticated femininity interwoven with contemporary simplicity. A luxurious, modern yet comfortable product to be worn without pretension. Great technical knowledge and virtuously knitted patterns blend with carefully selected colours. These qualities are fused with an endless research for yarns and volumes , and new, unique combinations of materials that emphasize the precise and harmoniously  [balanced] style of (nude).”

As Fall and winter approach be sure to have all the knitwear you need.


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