Q&A with Sebastian Scolarici

Q&A with Sebastian Scolarici

It all started about 10 years ago when I was looking for a new colorist and stylist.  I stumbled upon a list of best colorist for brunettes in Allure magazine and found Gina Gilbert @Serge Normant @ John Frieda.  I called to make an appointment and asked, “Can you recommend anyone for a haircut?”  Yes…Sebastian and boom….My own dream team!!  Sebastian is a wizard with his hands and his the brush is his secret weapon.  I am also lucky to call him my friend.

The Kelli Chronicles (TKC): Tell us a little about your background and how you became so sought after in NYC
Sebastian Scolarici (SS): Serge I was born in Argentina and came to the US with my family when I was 8. Lived in a home where art, film, creativity where essential parts of my growing up, I think this is what made me choose a creative career pursuit.

The Kelli Chronicles (TKC): What is your favorite thing about working in NYC?
Sebastian Scolarici (SS): Moved
 to NY in 1993 and that is where my path towards what I do was start.
TKC: What are some of your proudest moments professionally?
SS: Working in NY gives me the opportunity to work with such a varied group of clients. I love that fact that I can start my day with a celebrity then work on a New York socialite and end my day with one of my amazing orthodox clients working in the most insane wigs.
TKC: Any big lessons learned?
SS: My life lessons, that I hold as my mantra is “if you think you know it all, you will learn nothing at all” Working with some of the most talented peers and engaging with some of the brightest, successful clients had given me this great perspective and for that I am so appreciative.
TKC:  What are some of your go-to products?
SS: Favorite product, Serge‘s Dream Big texturizing spray, John Fried volumizing root lift and only cause I personally can’t live without it, L’Oreal Studio Hair Putty.
TKC: What are some of the cues you look for when clients says “I want to do something different with my hair?”
SS: When changing a client’s look I make sure that we are on the same page, meaning when she says short or layered we mean the same thing. I personally love pictures as references but I make sure expectations are realistic.
TKC: Any favorite styles to do? Or styles from the past that you love?
SS: I love a well executed Shag, no pun intended, also a classic meticulously cut Bob is a thing of beauty.
TKC: My hair is thin and thinning, what are some solutions for both everyday looks and to dress it up a bit?
SS: Thin hair always looks thicker with a little texture so don’t over blow, it only make it look limp. When wanting a dressier look try putting it up, if you do a little teasing and keep it fresh and not over done, it’s a great look.
TKC: What are some other common issues women come in hoping you can solve?
SS: I get countless amounts of clients wanting something their hair won’t do. The further you try to go from what you hair naturally does the more of a salve you become to your hair. I think that a great cut enhance your natural texture, so don’t fight it!
TKC: What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not at the salon?
SS: When not working my idea of a perfect day would include Gym, great dinning and theater. With that said I also love a lazy Sunday where I don’t  leave my apartment and enjoy that views of Manhattan from my Williamsburg pad.
TKC: Any goals for the future?
SS: As for future endeavors I hope to expand on my on camera work. I love talking to women and have found that being able to impart what I know, to hopefully help someone take a few minute to make them feel a little better about themselves, is extremely rewarding.
TKC: Who is your favorite celebrity to work with – if we can be so bold to ask!
SS: I have the great pleasure to have, as a client and friend, The amazing Julianna Margulies. She is smart, talented, gorgeous and always a pleasure to work with!
To book an appointment: reception@sergenormantatjohnfrieda.com


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