NYC Restaurant Week

NYC Restaurant Week

One of the best ways to taste the very best of New York dining is Restaurant week. What once was 7 days of discounted prix fixe meals has now blossomed into an almost month long celebration of the best restaurants in the city. The best of the best need to submit an application for review and those approved open their doors for diners of all ages and wallet sizes to get a taste of their very best dishes. In most cases, the chef’s set a three course meal for a discounted rate and showcase some of their house favorites, seasonal specials and a little bit of every course. The three course menu traditionally features an option of an appetizer or salad, main course and then a dessert. My friends and I use this week as an opportunity to taste test restaurants that would normally be reserved for special occasion only. After several years of exploring, here are some of my favorites:


“The restaurant’s name is derived from this familial gesture and represents the indulgent pleasure of savoring a meal down to its very last taste. In 2008, Scarpetta received a James Beard nomination for ‘Best New Restaurant in America’ as well as a coveted three-star review from the New York Times.”

Needless to say, they had me at the pasta course.

Hundred Acres Soho

As you may have guessed from the name, Hundred Acres Soho’s goal is to bring farm fresh ingredients into a warm, unpretentious atmosphere. While we’re not venturing out into the garden during the winter it’s beautiful in the summer months. Colorful, american and fresh local ingredients are it’s signature and it also helps the staff is known for being friendly!


Tucked away in the West Village, I must have walked by L’Artusi dozens of times without stopping and realizing what a gem it was. My good friend and I sat at the bar and I promptly had all of my wine questions asked, two tastings and several menu recommendations. After a complimentary amuse-bouche I was treated to an unexpectedly delish salad and fresh pasta I could have had seconds of. The atmosphere was crowded but not loud and guests were filling in and out almost gracefully.

Lure Fish Bar

As long as you don’t drink like a sailor, this restaurant is the perfect cute-sy spot to bring friends and family from out of town. One of New York’s greatest talent’s is maximizing every last inch of real estate and Lure Fish Bar is no exception. Down a few steps off the street, Lure Fish Bar is dark wood lined restaurant with portholes for windows, cozy booths and corridors filled with diners. The sushi is great, the burgers are great…the bottle of French Sancere is great…

La Esquina

Much like Lure Fish Bar, you need to head into a basement for L’Esquina. This time however, you need to knock on a random door inside the taco stand, descend into the depths of the basement, walk through the kitchen and then be seated. Don’t forget to make a reservation. They likely won’t let you in otherwise. Test the Queso dip appetizer and split a bunch of small plates, it’s the only way to pack all the flavor this little place has to offer.


In the Mario Battali family of restaurants, even the Cacio e Pepe pasta makes me drool. Lupa, meaning Wolf, is quite frankly one of the best places to eat like an animal. Not in mannerisms of course but in regards to size of appetite. Fresh pasta, the best cuts of meat and aromatic veggies make it one of Battali’s best in my books!



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