As the school year was winding down, I started to feel the exhaustion and began not dealing with normal day to day stress very well. My mind was just a jumbled, over-worked mess. I decided I needed to turn all that noise in my head into beautiful music. I needed to get away by myself to recharge (something I had never done before!!).

So with my girls going off on their summer adventures, I started researching destination spas and retreats. I found a lot of great places but most of them were very bootcamp like with 16 mile hikes everyday and communal dining…No Thank You. I wanted a place that I could hike (if I wanted to) have a few spa treatments, some spiritual inspiration with yummy, healthy food. I have always heard about Sedona and it’s spiritual powers. With that in mind, I found the spot…Mii Amo…which loosely means “journey” set upon the beautiful Bontyon Canyon Red Rock landscape which Sedona is known for.

Mii Amo takes a deep spiritual approach to healing the entire body. And with all inclusive packages  from a 3 day journey to re-charge your battery or an intensive week long experience this was just the place for me!!

Mixed with traditional mind and body work as well as new age treatments like past life exploration, CRANIAL SACRAL, and READING OF THE MOMENT (An intuitive will guide you to a higher level of understanding of your life path. Reading may include palm reading, Tarot card reading, numerology and a pendulum.) Whatever path you choose on your journey here you will not be disappointed. I am not sure which part of the trip was life changing for me but I think it was a combination of the treatments, my surroundings, and the fact that I COULD be alone away and it was GOOD for me!! I did : The Reading Private Meditation MYOFASCIAL massage.