Hi everyone!  I’ve written TWO examples of “common mistakes” that people make while decorating a vacation home. I’ve answered the questions in order as they were asked, opposed to putting it in paragraph form.

Please see below:

1) THEMES!  It is more current, even timeless to not decorate vacation homes in a “themed” style of which the home is located.

  • This mistake is made often and is too easy. It’s more interesting to be innovative and original with decor.

2).  It is a good idea to work with the architecture of a home, but not allow it to dictate the esthetic. I prefer to “imply” a mood, or personality that is desired by using finishes and furnishings that hint the concept. For example, instead of using the expected dark colors, wool blankets and a bear skin rug in a cabin, opt for luxe, rich warm elements and lots of textures to create a cozy atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to paint walls white, and incorporate contrast, either.  It is more relaxing if a retreat represents a “simple lifestyle”, one that is not “forced”.

  • This works well, especially if implementing local elements. In turn, it will create a unique experience.

3). People often cut corners in terms of quality in a second home, or send hand-me-down, unwanted furniture from their current home.

  • This is a mistake if one has invested in a place to get away. It does not feel authentic or exciting to visit where the furnishings are of less quality and where those less desirable items exists.

Tip: I recommend planning an adequate interiors budget while preparing to purchase a vacation home, so that it can be enjoyed to the fullest. This way, it is fresh, well curated, and remember…quality pieces will last longer. Overall, it will be a more pleasurable place to make new memories!