Lucinda Loya Takes over the Celtics

Lucinda Loya Takes over the Celtics

We recently caught up with the fabulous Lucinda Loya, the founder of Lucinda Loya Interiors and our resident interior design expert. Even during Quarantine her team has been keeping busy from home making sure everyone else’s homes are beautiful. One of her most recent projects transported her from Texas up to Boston to re-design the New Balance and Boston Celtics athletic office and facility. Here’s what she had to say on work from home and what’s happening in Beantown.

TKC: There’s so many people working from home now any tips for designing the best office spaces?

Lucinda: Organization is key! Taking the time to tidy your space will pay off. I am also a big advocate for natural lighting.  Sunshine releases positive energy into the space!

TKC: What was it like working in Boston? Do you see any difference between working styles or design aesthetics?

Lucinda: I loved getting to know Boston. It is a financial, cultural and social capital of the Northeast, representing American history.  As far as design goes, it is typically more traditional, full of original architecture– and not to mention those cobblestone streets! Because of this timeless nature, LLI was able to seamlessly integrate our design style with a fun, sporty twist.

TKC: What was it like designing their new training facility?

Lucinda: It was just as much fun as you think it would be… A blast!  Once I was given the project, I immediately called my friend Rafael Stone, VP of the Houston Rockets to arrange a tour of their facility.  I wanted to take peek into the NBA lifestyle and function of such a space. It was more than helpful, especially since my first flight to Boston was scheduled for the very next morning! It also gave me the opportunity to embrace the green side of my wardrobe!

TKC: How did you get connected with their organization(s)?

Lucinda: I started working with Wyc Grousbeck and Emilia Fazzalari in New York. I had been involved in the design of several of their homes already.  We have a long and wonderful history of projects together. When this became an opportunity, we were beyond thrilled.

TKC: What was your favorite part of the project? Did they have any crazy requests?

Lucinda: One of my favorite parts was getting to spend time in Boston and learning more about the city. It is a beautiful place with a rich history. I love how the entire project turned out, especially knowing how pleased and proud the organization is with it. 

The custom pool table incorporates the Celtics logo and also transforms into a ping pong table! Which I understand is a favorite element for the players as well.  

It was fun to have the creative freedom to incorporate positive quotes in our design concepts, even on the custom rugs. The Celtics are all about positive energy and it also exudes through their fanbase.

TKC: Any other Northeast projects in the pipeline?

Lucinda: Yes,  I am definitely looking forward to traveling again! We have a 12k sqft home in Connecticut that we are anxious to see in person and get started with the homeowners.

TKC: Any other projects you’re looking forward to in the coming months?

Lucinda: We love working on projects of all shapes and sizes and consider it a true compliment when someone is interested in working with us. That said, we are very grateful to have several exciting things on the horizon, including a new build on a beautiful 40 acre Mississippi property with a private lake, a 17k sqft ranch with guest houses in East Texas, and we are participating in the House Beautiful Concept Home in Colorado!

To see more of Lucinda Loya’s work please visit her website:


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