Home Office Refresh: Fall

Home Office Refresh: Fall

Now that Fall has officially arrived and with Halloween around the corner, how is everyone’s work-from-home going? If you’re still fully work from home, on a rotating schedule, choosing to stay home or staying home because of childcare; a new season is a great time to take a look at refreshing your office space. Below are a few of our favorite things to make your home office more efficient and even a little Fall festive.

Lighting: The Sun is coming up late and it’s going to get darker earlier now, make sure you have enough lighting. Not only to protect your mood and productivity but also your eyesight. Pottery Barn offers some great options for desk lamps that double as charging stations as well.

White Marble Desk Lamp // Gold Desk Lamp with Charger

White Desk Lamp with USB Charger

Organization: What day is it? How many days have gone by? What was my most important task today? Where did I write that down again?Forgetfulness no more with this chic little wall reminders:

Acrylic Wall Boards // Wall Whiteboards

Now for the fun stuff:

Cozy touches for Fall:

  • Lumbar support if you’re like me and have just been sitting in my kitchen chair versus an office chair. This rust colored pillow will help bring in some autumnal warmth to your office decor
  • Pottery Barn throw blanket in white: keep warm as the temps drop and as you move from work to relaxation on the couch

Everyday favorites: no matter the season, cute little touches in our homes can cheer us up throughout the day (and remind us to get going!)

Marble Desk Clock // Rise & Shine Mug by Magnolia’s Joanna Gaines


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