Getting to know: Allison Moses

I’ve known Allison for several years now and love her one of a kind pieces, designed and made locally in Connecticut. We chatted, laughed and I did a lot of shopping.



Kelli Chronicles: You’ve had a successful business now for a few years, how did you start your company?

Allison Moses: I’ve been wanting to design since I was 8 years old.  My parents owned a button business and I was surrounded by buttons!!! From a very young ago, I started making beaded barrettes.  After I graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Design I started out as a buyer at Bloomingdales.  I was a buyer in the men’s shirts, men’s suits and Armani specialist.

However, throughout childhood and college I made everything from picture frames and vases.  I also love to paint!!  Once I had children Jack, (15 years old) and Charlie (14 years old) I decided to put the paint brushes down and focus on jewelry.

Kelli Chronicles: Why design jewelry instead of clothing, shoes, handbags etc.?AM3

Allison Moses: I needed a canvas.  I choose jewelry because it is easy and fun to make. I make one piece and move on to the next.  A piece of jewelry is art and no two pieces are the same.  Every woman is different: a necklace on me is not going to look the same on you.  I feel a woman is naked if she does not have at least one piece of jewelry on –  I say the more the better!!

Kelli Chronicles: What was your inspiration behind your newest pieces? Can you tell me a little bit about your design/production process?

Allison Moses: Every day is a new day…my motto…”new piece-new day”  I am really into leather right now and I am in the process of making some new pieces.  I normally do not have a plan.  I just sit down in my studio and start working.  I spent days on end in my studio.

Sounds cliche but my inspiration is my surroundings:  people, art, whatever my mind detours to or catches my eye.

AM4Kelli Chronicles: I own several of your necklaces but what are some of your best-selling pieces? Any personal favorites?

Allison Moses: Every one of my pieces is custom made so they are one of a kind….You can come in and choose your necklace and change the clasp, length of the necklace, or the pendant.  I take special orders.

Kelli Chronicles: Bespoke is the biggest trend right now! What are some of your goals for the future of the business?

Allison Moses: I want to give back in a big way.  I now donate pieces to various charities for events, etc.

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