From the dad that likes to cook to the history buff or techie dad here are a few unique present ideas for the guy you’re celebrating.

salmon pork chop

Whether they’re the ones doing the cooking or they prefer being cooked for, men typically like a beautiful piece of meat. Greensbury Market has collaborated with Jillian Michaels to bring “Lean and mean grilling…with [an] organic meat Gourmet Pack…featuring All Natural Atlantic Salmon Fillet on Cedar Planks, Organic Free Range Turkey Breast, Organic Grass Fed Filet Mignon, and Organic Free Range Pork Chops.” Mouth-watering, yes. Family friendly and easy on the wallet, also yes.  Shop here


Another great option for creating a home cooked meal or gifting in the food category: DIY Barbecue Sauce to slather across your favorite cut of meat, fresh grilled shrimp or for smothering on baby-back ribs. Creating simple toppings can also be a fun activity for dads with little ones or teens who think they know everything. Shop here.

drink rocks

No, not building blocks , or childrens’ toys these “rocks” are fun shaped ICE CUBES! Keep your drinks cold, while avoiding watering them down…and they look cool floating around in glasses of all shapes and sizes. Shop adult rocks here

Vintage Map and prints

Shifting gears a little, vintage maps and prints are unique gifts that can carry a sentimental meanings. You can find a location that holds special memories: your dad’s hometown, the town your parents got married in, or even the town of his favorite sports team. They have prints of all shapes and sizes with images ranging from old travel advertisements, hundreds of cities and even terrain imagery. Shop here.

stainless steel collar stays

For the guy that has to wear a suit everyday to work or even just for a special occasion, stainless steel collar stays can be little luxury items that make all the difference in getting dressed in the morning. These ones, found on Amazon are customizable with a variety of fonts offered to an added layer of personalization. Shop here

Bose Headphones

Luxury headphones to cancel out the noise of loud children! Just kidding, but these headphones are sleek and the sound is impeccable. Also, very durable in case you do have the rambunctious kiddos running around or if they get thrown into a backpack or briefcase during the morning commute. Shop Bose here.