Catching up with Chef Angela Baldanza

Catching up with Chef Angela Baldanza

The Kelli Chronicles: “Where did you get your start? Was being a chef always a dream?”

Angela Baldanza: “I started making organic soups and Organic take home meals in 2013, working out of a small commercial kitchen and selling to high end specialty food stores like Ridgefield Organics and Union Hall in North Salem. I always loved cooking and entertaining, food is in my DNA , my grandfather was a chef and so was my brother. Food was always a big part of my life growing up and as I married and had a family I continued to keep family traditions.  We also like to eat at great restaurants and travel to try new cuisines.

The Kelli Chronicles: “Which restaurants have been your favorite to work in”

Angela Baldanza: “The only restaurant that I have worked in is my own, right here in New Canaan.  I was in the fashion industry until 2013 as a SVP of merchandising for the Jones Apparel Group.  I believe food is the new Fashion and that our customers are very concerned about what they are eating, making sure the food is clean and non GMO.”

The Kelli Chronicles: “Any great mentors? What was their best piece of advice?”

Angela Baldanza: “My biggest mentor has been Ina Garten, I love her recipes and her style.  We are very similar in our food style, clean ingredients and minimal sauces let the food speak for itself and let it be very visual.”

The Kelli Chronicles: “What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? (aside from the basic necessities)”

Angela Baldanza: “I love to cook with organic EVOO and sunflower oils, I believe a really good finishing salt is important and refreshing the flavors of your completed dish with lemon is always great.”

TKC: “As a mom, I’m always looking for great new dinner ideas – any easy recommendations?”

AB: “The easiest things to make omelette’s with lots of veggies and a protein, power plate salads with the freshest veggies cut as spaghetti and add a protein, angel hair pasta adding fresh veggies and a protein. (easy grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, lobster and poached eggs)”

TKC: “What’s your go-to meal for yourself or your family?”

AB: “Rigatoni pasta with quick sauce (fresh cherry tomato) and mozzarella, fresh basil, parmesan cheese.”

TKC: “What is your favorite restaurant in CT?”

AB: “The Schoolhouse at Cannondale.”

TKC: “What are you looking forward to most at the Greenwich Food and Wine Festival?”

AB: “Meeting future potential customers and to also meet other great professionals.”

TKC: “Any up and coming food trends we should be looking out for? Anything you hope to see more of?”

AB: “I believe the next food trends are coming from plant based foods. I believe we will need to balance out our menu choices from the classic set up and add more vegan/vegetarian dishes. I would like to see more creative ideas to cook this way as well as bake.”

TKC: “What are some of your goals for the future, personally and for your career?”

AB: “I would like to host my own food show and write a cook book.”

TKC: “Any advice to young chefs?”

AB: “Follow you passion and dreams, do what you love then it is never work!”

About Angela:

“Angela Baldanza lives in Pound Ridge, New York and has run Baldanza in New Canaan Connecticut with her family for the past 4.5 years. She is a self-taught, instinctive cook who excels at creating organic soups and dishes, fresh salads and baked goods. Angela believes she inherited her skills from her grandfather and brother, who were both chefs. With family from Genoa in Northern Italy and down South to Calabria, she was locked in to family traditions, such as the dried mushrooms arriving from Italy in a cheese cloth sack, allowing her Grandmother to make yellow rice (risotto flavored with saffron).” – from Serendipity Magazine

Baldanza: 17 Elm Street, New Canaan 06840

Reservations: ; +1 203-966-4000


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