Catching up with Monica Rich Kosann

Catching up with Monica Rich Kosann

I had the opportunity to grab a quick (socially distanced!) coffee with the amazing jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann a few weeks ago. Not only is she an incredible photographer, jewelry designer and woman, she’s an incredibly warm and successful entrepreneur. She’s built a brand spanning generations and categories. From jewelry and home to stationary and custom gifts her style is impeccable and timeless.

TKC: This isn’t the first time we’ve featured you on the blog but it’s been a little while, what are some of the exciting things you’re working on? How is everything going with COVID?

Monica Rich Kosann (MRK): It’s such a sad time right now and people want pieces to make them happy and feel strong. Despite Covid, we still have so much going on in our life and milestones happening though. Our collections are about feeling positive, feeling good, empowering women and celebrating milestones. Our lockets especially have important meaning; they stand for holding the family close, other pieces symbolize keeping in touch, some express “never fear” or “be invincible.” With every piece designed, (women) are encouraged and more than ever the little moments are celebrated.

TKC: What inspires you the most? Where do you get your design inspiration?

MRK: Everything from art and movie and architecture. Always been a storyteller, was a photographer and telling the story of whomever I was photographing and jewelry is to tell someone’s story. I’m very inspired by art, stories, fairy tales. Lately, specifically, I’ve begun painting again. I haven’t painted for so many years and Covid gave the time and opportunity. Watercolor painting, really inspired me to re-look at colors, re-visit shapes and I’ve matched it back to the jewelry. With watercolor I feel like I don’t have to take it so seriously. A lot of the backgrounds on instagram are my paintings paired back to the jewerly. Ladies in green with the venus charm emerald.

TKC: Do you have any favorite heirloom pieces?

MRK: Love all my pieces! Everyone is loving the “design your own chains” they’re very versatile with 18″ length, 32″ length, gold, silver, steel, you can create your lock or the “neck mess” clip on and off and loving the new natural look.

TKC: Congratulations on becoming a Certified B Brand! We love how much of an initiative towards sustainability you’ve taken, what are some of the key factors in driving this change for your team? What are some next steps?

MRK: Thank you! It took a year and we’re one of the only jewelry companies that is certified so it’s very very exciting. It took a lot of steps and it was very difficult. One person on the team took charge and we’re really proud of her.


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