Bedtime Beauty Routine

Bedtime Beauty Routine

After a long day, when it is finally time for me to head upstairs to my bathroom and start my nightly routine, it really feels like little slice of heaven. I was designed my master bathroom to be a space where I could decompress after a long day of running around or a spa-like room where my girls and I could pamper ourselves. With my age becoming more and more of a secret and my girls out and about with their busy schedules I’ve been able to perfect my nightly routine and test a few items to find the ones that were just right. Luckily for all of us has recently launched a beauty shop with many of my must-haves.

Step 1: Cleanse

I always take a nightly shower, I usually shower twice a day – sometimes three if I make it to my beloved Soul Cycle!  I wash my face in the shower because its quick, efficient in the morning but lets me linger a little longer at night.  One of my good friends recently introduced me to the brand Sunday Riley and now I have their Ceramic Slip Cleanser neatly tucked into my shower and one in my travel bag because it works so well.

Step 2: Hydrate and Smooth

After the shower I start with the cult classic for my body: the Kiehl’s Creme De Corps. This lotion helps me keep my skin stay hydrated all over.
Post body hydrating, I move up to most important part of my nightly routine: my face! Since my face is already washed from the shower, it’s time to rehydrate and refresh. Some days, when my skin is showing the daily stress of being my family’s taxi driver, cook, dog walker and mediator between 2 teenage girls, I go for my favorite skin booster.  This polish – The Method by Lancer will leave your face as smooth as…well… you know…a baby’s bum…and makes your husband think twice about your age. Natura Bisse Essential Shock Intense Cream and Mila Moursi Fermete Visage/ Firming Cream are a few other creams I keep in my toolkit to use on a rotation. Like exercising, it’s important to change it up every once in a while to keep at your skin at it’s best.  Also, during the summer months or deep in the heart of winter, Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil is alternated in to combat intense dry skin.


Step 3: Rewind the clock

Finally, I put on my magic potion: 37 Extreme High Performance Anti-Aging Cream. This little pot of gold has been the best discovery in recent months. Run don’t walk.
After all that, and since my eyebrows and eyelashes have decided that I am already in the grave and stopped growing, Revita Lash is my new best friend. It’s been very useful at preventing me from looking like one of those over-plucked celebrities from the 90’s…you know who you were…




Step 4: Admire Results & beauty sleep

It may seem like a marathon at the end of the day but the crossing the finish line entails climbing into bed and catching up on all the Scandal episodes!! And it’s worth it ladies, necessary evils, but at least this beauty routine is painless!


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Sunday Riley Face Wash
Sunday Riley Face Wash



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