The Kelli Chronicles is a lifestyle blog produced by Kelli Bussan, an ever-changing, outspoken Texan living in the too perfect New England town of New Canaan, Connecticut. Part fashion blog, part cookbook, part everyday life stories, it’s the ultimate destination for city ladies and suburbanites looking to discover something new.

Follow us for funny stories of raising two teenage girls, getting better with age (and gray hairs everywhere), healthy and cheat day recipes, fitness trends, and most importantly: what to wear to it all. With a focus on dressing appropriately (think too short skirts, or how to get the legs for them) we find what to wear whether you’re heading to a black tie affair or just grabbing dinner with your girl squad (or chaperoning teenage girls) – we’ve got you covered!

And always remember, life only gets better with a little seasoning…

Kelli Bussan: Creative director, wife, mom, driver to two teenage girls, believer of keeping it real, wearing clothing that makes you feel good and self care (you are not good to anyone if you are not good to yourself). Lover of bold jewelry and music that can heal the soul. We were meant to survive our own stories so how are you going to write yours?

I am happiest when I’m surrounded by my family around the holidays or vacationing in the caribbean or Aspen.

Style: Wearing pieces that make you feel good

Live: travel is good for the soul. Even the shortest trips with can get you recharged and create the best memories 

Nourish: cooking is either a source of fun and experimentation or stress and last-minute hustle; depending on the day and the mood of my two teenage girls

Play: fitness to me is an on-going adventure. I love finding new classes, meeting new instructors and learning about strength, conditioning and being healthier. Currently I am working out with a trainer and learning how to box. I freakin’ love it!!! Strong is the new skinny

The key to life is good music and knowing which restaurants have the nicest bathrooms

Contact: kelli@thekellichronicles.com

Katie DeFrank: Managing Editor, newlywed, dog mom, home chef and Boston local. I believe in dressing authentically will give you the most confidence and never be afraid to take risks, you learn the most about yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

After working in New York City high fashion for five years with Brandon Maxwell and a client roster including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Harvey Nichols, my husband sold his software company and we uprooted and moved to Vancouver, Canada. While on our West-coast adventure, I worked for lululemon’s corporate office, sharpening my financial skills, learning yoga and breathing in fresh mountain air while hiking along the Pacific Coast. After the acquisition finished, we moved back to Boston to be closer to family and I landed back in my college-town. After two-years at New Balance Headquarters as their Women’s Apparel buyer for the US, I’m consulting with small-business and discovering all that Boston has to offer.


I am happiest when I’m at the beach, testing new recipes on my husband and walking my puppy girl, Tally. 

Style: Feminine boho chic. I always want to look good but be comfortable and able to move! I’d live in summer dresses and sandals year-round if I could.

Live: I believe in living your best life, taking a moment to reflect, breathe and ask yourself, what would your 100 year self say? 

Nourish: Whether sweet or savory, finding my go-to meals or testing out extravagant new recipes, I can usually be found in the kitchen or hovering over my kitchen aid mixer. Growing up, cooking, eating and celebrating brought my family together around the table, mostly because of my Italian great-grandmother’s pasta dishes…

Play: Laughter is the best medicine and being silly is the best part of my day. I love taking fitness classes; sweating out all the toxins and negativity renews me everyday. Strong is always the new skinny and exercise fuels my creativity.

The key to life is knowing what drives you, radiating optimism and laughter…and looking good along the way. A good cup of coffee in the morning doesn’t hurt either…

Contact: katie@thekellichronicles.com